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Roulette video tutorial

How to play roulette
By using this tutorial you too can play roulette. We will help you to become a better player.
How to Win at Roulette
Make sure to tip the game in your favor. Watch our video tutorial on how to play better roulette.
Roulette Variations
Do you know the most important difference between European and American roulette? Learn more by watching.

Considering the risk associated with playing for real money, it is advisable to not always play for money. Most of us want to play for fun without the risk of losing money. Roulette Game is one of total uncertainty, chance, luck and gamble. If you don’t like risking your money, you can choose to enjoy the Roulette experience for free. You can find a wide range of free Roulette Game options with flash or HTML versions featuring realistic sounds of bets. Such free Roulette games let you enter the real world of casino gaming on a hit of the Play button. You can experience the real Roulette Table featuring high quality graphics, effects, and resolution.

You can play the HTML Roulette version at online casinos for free. This type of game uses the European Roulette wheel that features a single zero and numbers from 1 to 36. The Roulette wheel for American variant is different. It contains a zero and double zero apart from the numbers 1 to 36.

Play Online Roulette without Money

Even in the HTML version of Roulette Game, the features are quite interactive. A player can click on any area displayed on the screen. When you hover the mouse over the screen, the specific area gets highlighted, and the player can easily find out how he is playing the Roulette Game.

The HTML version of the free Roulette Game is perfect for those who want to play Roulette for fun without spending anything. A Roulette player can find amazing, intuitive features like betting on two adjacent numbers, staking the bet on entire columns, multiple wagering, betting on colors, number types, particular grid area and more.

The HTML Roulette version also offers many new features that get players to love the game. The Online Roulette game offers the ability to make complex bets right on the left side of the screen, making the game difficult. These can be bets like tier bets, Orphelins bets, and bets on neighboring number of Roulette wheels.

How to Play Online Roulette?

The game proceeds as it is played. A player picks a number at a Roulette Table and places a bet on it. The dealer spins the wheel, and if the ball lands on the number you had chosen, you win.

You start by choosing the chip value on which you want to wager in the Roulette game. It is possible to select multiple numbers by clicking on them until you get the amount you want to bet on.

When you are ready, the Spin button is visible on the screen at the bottom right corner. Clicking on this button gets the Roulette wheel spinning. When the wheel stops, the number on which the ball has landed appears on the screen. Along with this, the amount won in the round at the Roulette Table is also displayed on the screen. It is advisable to know more about the winning strategies to make your Online Roulette experience more exciting.

To learn more about the game, you can read our free guide if you are a beginner at this game. For newbies, we also recommend trying online Roulette for free to master the game before playing it for real money.